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What is v2oconnect?

v2oconnect is a one-stop-platform for volunteer management. We make it easy to connect volunteers to organizations using latest technology learnings.

v2oconnect provides listings, recruitment, on-boarding, supervising and evaluation needs of a volunteer management cycle all on a cloud based platform.

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Opportunity Listings

List your volunteering opportunity to hundreds of volunteers waiting to apply for!

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Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer recruiting should be modernized. From listings, to applications to approval is all streamlined.

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Volunteer Onboarding

Get your volunteers onboarded seamlessly. Start with a free conference, if you are remote.

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Communications with volunteers should be effective and embedded right within the platform.

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Supervise multiple opportunities and evaluate each volunteers in a single platform.

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Reward and recognize and build relationships. Show consolidated insights to donor bases


See what the literature says about volunteer management evolution

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"Volunteer management capacity is a function of two things. One is staff support. The other is the adoption of relevant administrative practices necessary for the effective management of volunteers."

" Given the economic contribution of volunteers to our society as demonstrated by the number of organizations relying on them to meet their needs, it is critical to better understand and ultimately improve the quality of the volunteer experience."

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